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DiscoverLearning Spanish has become a necessity in order to become more marketable in the business world.  With over 35 million Spanish-speakers in the United States, the increase of knowing the language and usage of the language is enormous. Here are some reasons why you should invest in yourself, business or family members in learning the Spanish language:
1.) it allows you to help others
2.) it enhances your travel experiences
3.) it allows one to understand the Hispanic culture
4.) Spanish is fun to learn

Want to have a Conversation in Spanish?

Only have a few years of Spanish in high school or college, but your conversation is somewhat shaky. You have not reached that fluency goal you desire? If Spanish fluency is your goal, The Lingo Factory is the place for you! Learn more.

Want to travel to a Spanish speaking country and you want to engage in the cities’ culture, history, food,  etc. The Lingo Factory is the place for you! Learn more.

Courses Available

We offer Adult Classes, Youth Classes, Business Solution Classes, Dialogue Classes and Tutoring in Spanish, French, and English.

Private classes and group classes are available.

The Lingo Factory, LLC provides our clients with a curriculum that includes reading, writing, listening and speaking in the language desired.  We are also able to tailor our curriculum so that it works for you.

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