Learning Spanish has become a necessity, in order to become more marketable in the business world.
With over 35 million Spanish-speakers in the United States, the increase of knowing the language and usage of the language is enormous

Need a better grade?


We offer private lessons that will give you support in your foreign language journey. Our instructors will work closely with lessons and the instructional material provided by teachers. We will provide other resources, if needed, to help you succeed. Our focus is to provide grade improvements and to give you a better understanding of the target language.

Call today to schedule your appointment. Your will receive a free 30 minute consultation to help us determine where we can give you the necessary support.

Available in Spanish, French, and English

give your child an early start

Youth Classes

Our Youth Classes are designed to provide your child with necessary skills to begin their second language journey.  Our classes provide age-appropriate material, games and enjoyable activities that will keep your child engaged and curious to want to learn more.

If you are considering getting additional Spanish classes for your child, we can provide online Spanish lessons via Skype. Your child will be able to see and talk to his or her personal tutor.

We can build up your child’s confidence, develop fluency, help with homework, prepare your child for a test, correct pronunciation or assist with grammar – and have fun too!

Improve your Spanish skills

Dialogue Classes

Improve your Spanish skills and utilize your Spanish vocabulary in our conversational classes. These classes are designed to help improve your speaking skills for effective communication and fluency. This class is great to help incorporate the Spanish language in your career.

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Available in French also.


Expand your Clientele

Business Solutions

Expand your clientele and keep your business competitive in the global market by having a qualified bilingual staff. Our Business Solutions Classes will customize a curriculum to give your business the necessary vocabulary and skills needed to effectively communicate with your clients in Spanish.

Business Solutions Classes can be held at your facility for your convenience. If you would like more information on our Business Solutions Classes call or e-mail today.

Traveling Soon?

Adult Spanish

Whether you want to learn Spanish as a second language or travel to a Spanish-speaking country, our Adult Spanish Classes are customized for your needs.  The Adult Classes are designed to provide our clients with practical vocabulary, grammar structure, pronunciation, and conversation.  Our focus is to provide our clients with the necessary Spanish language skills to become fluent.

These classes are available in private sessions and group sessions.

Here Are Some Reasons Why

you should invest in learning the Spanish language

It enhances your travel experiences

It allows you to help others

It allows one to understand the Hispanic culture

Training Curriculum

Our classes are customized for your needs